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Catholic Digest Helpful and relevant reading that its editors cull from hundreds of secular and religious periodicals, as well as inspiring articles that originate with the magazine
Catholic World News Independent organization staffed by lay Catholic journalists, dedicated to providing accurate world news, written from a distinctively Catholic perspective.
Charisma Magazine
Focusing on living a Spirit-led life. Has news and articles that are inspirational, offer guidance, and are tools for spiritual growth.
Christian Parenting Today
Offers advice, encouragement, and understanding for parents.
Christian Reader
Stories that inspire, motivate, and touch on spiritual issues.

Christianity Today

Evangelical Christian magazine focusing on news, ideas, and theology.
Maranatha Christian Journal
Reports news relating to Christians, has web-watch, school-watch and book-watch newsletters.
Moody Magazine Scriptural perspective on issues facing Christians in a changing culture.
Prism America's alternative evangelical voice.
Regeneration Quarterly Faith & culture for a new generation.
Religion News Today
News summaries and feature stories on people, churches, and current events. Updated five days a week.
Sojourners Online Grassroots network for personal, community, and political transformation rooted in prophetic Biblical tradition
World Magazine
News and culture magazine from a Christian perspective.

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Ambassador Journal Get an international perspective of what the Spirit of God is saying & doing in our generation and throughout the world from anointed leaders from around the globe.
Books & Culture Participate in a conversation about current thought trends shaping our world, sparked by an article in a contemporary publication with a Christian perspective.
Christian Century Linking Christian faith and contemporary life.
Crescenda Agenda Bimonthly periodical exploring all areas of life from a biblical, classical Protestant perspective.
First Things Journal on religion and public life with the aim of advancing a religiously informed public philosophy for the ordering of society.
For A Change This magazine closes the circle between faith and action, action and faith. It is for anyone, anywhere, who wants to make a difference to the world.
Practical guide for everyday Christian living.
HEARTLIGHT E-zine dedicated to bringing practical help to inspire positive Christian living.
Life@Work Explores the Intersection of spiritual life and the work-world.
Light Magazine Using written features, art and photography to educate the Church about evangelism and discipleship and challenge it to present Scripture creatively so the truth of Jesus Christ is revealed in everyday lives.
Living Light News Through news, information and resources, we enrich, encourage, and enlighten our readers, helping them live godly lives based on Biblical perspectives.
Nehemiah Notes Twice monthly newsletter that always includes an article of encouragement for Christians
Plain Truth Deals with contemporary Christian issues, it challenges believers and nonbelievers alike with the central truths of the Bible. It makes the truth of the gospel plain, easy to understand and inspiring
Pray Magazine Challenges and equips believers to pray more diligently and effectively and to encourage believers to step out of their comfort zones in regard to prayer
Spirituality For Today Interactive monthly magazine dedicated to a variety of current themes and questions concerning the Christian faith in this postmodern age.
Sound Mind Investing Newsletter that teaches financial management skills and investing strategies as well as helping people be better stewards of God's resources so they might have more to give to God's work.
The Right Road Christian journal of encouragement.

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Acts International

Our purpose is to help the church communicate the Christian message to the Internet community. Offers a weekly magazine/newsletter.
Apologia Report Weekly e-mail newsletter with the latest in apologetics.
Bible Review Covers both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament, illuminating the text with the latest insights of modern Biblical research.
Biblical Archaelogical Review

Connects the academic study of archaeology to a broad general audience eager to understand the world of the Bible

Connection Magazine
Breaking down walls of division so that all God's people can come together in one heart, one mind and one spirit to worship Jesus
Decision Presented by Billy Graham Evangelistic Association that is a combination of articles about evangelism and about helping Christian believers grow in the faith.
Discipleship Journal
Helps believers develop a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, and provides practical help in understanding the Scriptures and applying them to your daily life and ministry
Envoy Magazine Bi-monthly journal of Catholic apologetics and evangelization


Evangelistic magazine offers a timely, written word for your friends who need to hear the eternally precious truth of how to make Jesus the center of their live

Mission Frontiers Bulletin for the U.S. center for World Missions
Net153 Informational, top quality, online magazine with helpful resources for our readers and other Christian web sites with the purpose of equipping and evangelizing.
Next Wave Connect people who want to reach postmodern people with God's message.
Quodlibet Independent, non-denominational, and non-profit theological project which aims to provide the online theological community with a resource and forum for scholarly expression and reflection.
Table Talk Magazine
Interactive Bible study magazine.
The Herald Devoted to an in-depth study of the Bible as the inspired word of God. Each bi-monthly issue is devoted to a single Biblical theme.
The Watchman Expositor Magazine of Christian discernment. Emphasis on cults and world religions.
Vanguard Magazine Definitive Christian electronic journal that has provoking and engaging articles, stories and essays.

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All About Families Find articles relating to Marriage and Family from a Biblical perspective.
Amen Ministries WebZine An E-zine for the whole family!

Christian Family

The latest in Christian outreach, education, counseling, pastors perspectives, events, personality profiles, music, artists, literature and even Christian fiction
Christian Women Today On-line magazine for Christian women.
Marriage Partnership Feature articles with a positive, refreshingly practical and completely biblical viewpoint to marriage.
Men of Integrity
Bi-monthly magazine that is your daily guide to the Bible and prayer. Published in association with Promise Keepers.
New Man
Focused on dealing with men's issues as well as Christian cultural perspectives.
Plugged In Helping parents and youth leaders guide teens through the world of popular youth culture.
E-zine featuring music reviews, home schooling, political interests, and more.
SpiritLed Woman Our mission is to call women into a place of intimacy with God.
Today's Christian Woman Interviews and articles show how women not only survive, but thrive because of the inner strength their Christian faith provides.


Women's magazine focused on encouraging your soul and strengthening your heart.

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Alive! Interactive webzine where this generation can communicate opinions, learn, share, and hope.
Beyond For young people who think about God and want to know more.
Boundless Multimedia webzine packed with words and images to encourage and inform today's college student and young adults.
Breakaway For teenage guys from Focus on the Family


For teenage girls from Focus on the Family.
Campus Life Gives you advice and encouragement on issues like love, sex, self-image, popularity and loneliness. Read dramatic stories about teens who were radically changed by God plus in-depth profiles about your favorites in Christian music.
Christian Youth News Featuring articles on subjects important to teens as well as artist interviews, album reviews, columns, and more. On-line only. Periodically updated.
Clearview Provide a Bible-based resource able to inform, support, strengthen and encourage youth via the Internet.
Cross Rhythms Britain's leading Christian music magazine.
Guideposts for Kids
Interactive web-zine for kids
Intervarsity's Student Leadership Magazine for leaders on college and university campuses -- a toolbox full of ideas and help.

Phantom Tollbooth

Covering cutting edge music, film and more from a Christian perspective.
Real Magazine Youth and young adult-oriented magazine. The magazine for students who want to scream their dreams.
StrangerThings "The love child of pop culture and ultimate reality" features music, film and book reviews in a slightly irreverant and humorous fashion.
You! A youth-oriented magazine that helps build the moral and spiritual values of young people.
YouthWalk Online devotional magazine for teens.
Worldwide Challenge Magazine that both challenges and equips and includes encouraging, faith-strengthening stories and inspiring photography.

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Eclectic Homeschool Online

Articles, resources, and helps for homeschooling. Updated twice monthly.
Christian Home Schooling Homepage dedicated to families who desire to pray together, worship together, minister together, and learn together.
Christian Home & School Feature articles on parenting as well as Christian schools and education. Reviews books and films too.
Homeschooling Today Both a publication and an on-line destination full of ready-to-use resources, and practical encouragement for you as a home educator.
The Teaching Home Christian magazine for home educators.

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Christianity Online Helps you navigate the Internet and connect with other Christians who are going online for fellowship, Bible study, resources, ministry opportunities, and much more. Also provides web links relevant for Christians. (formerly Computing Today)
Christian Computing The online version of Christian Computing magazine as well as some internet only features.
Internet for Christians Newsletter Features stories, personal growth, evangelism, entertainment, ministries, links, technologies, much more.
Networthy Magazine for connected Christians involving web, computers, and technology. Has been discontinued but has articles and interviews worth checking out.

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biblehistory Bible mysteries, religious oddities and fascinating facts...
Christian History Read and watch the most exciting and pivotal times in the life of the Church come to life.
Christian Retailing For Christian retailers and others who want to keep track of current trends, markets, and products.
Christian Sports Flash Sports weekly magazine with interviews and many feature articles. Has not been updated since 1997.
Jerusalem Christian Review Featuring articles on Jerusalem and new discoveries of the Bible, Jesus, and the First Church.
Midnight Call Prophecy magazine focusing on the second coming and the end times.
Pure Heart Enrich and edify the lives of Christian singles inspiring growth as individuals and then with each other as they "pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace along with those that call on the Lord out of a pure heart.
The Trumpeter Dedicated to apply creative solutions to urban problems by bridging communities of need and communitions of resource
Prophezine On-line newsletter focusing on prophecy, the end times, and world events of specific interest to Christians.
Sharing the Victory Featuring athletes' testimonies, Christian student-athlete and coach features, Q & A columns and stories about the Fellowship for Christian Athletes
Ship of Fools Magazine of Christian unrest specializing in humor, satire and popular theology.
Sports Spectrum Exciting sports magazine that has interviews and articles about sports and featuring Christian athletes.
Endtime Deals with world events from a biblical perspective
Vida Cristiana Christian magazine in Spanish.

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Children's Ministry For those who serve children in the church.
Group Magazine Empowering youth leaders for real life ministry
Leadership Magazine that helps strengthen, enrich, and expand your ministry. Focused on pastors.
Ministries Today Magazine for church leaders.


Bi-monthly professional journal for ministers
The Living Pulpit Journal The Living Pulpit Journal provides preachers and avid Christian readers with inspiration and fresh insight into major Christian themes
Vital Ministry Innovative and practical ideas for pastors.
Your Church Latest news and reviews of church facilities, supplies, and technology as well as managing churches.

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7Ball Alternative Christian music magazine.
Christianity & The Arts Devoted to bringing you artists, musicians, actors, writers, dancers, and cinematographers who celebrate God through their craft
Contemporary Christian Music
The place for the most contemporary Christian music information! Get the scoop on your favorite CCM artists, new music reviews, tour schedules and much more!
Stories, poems, and teachings to build up the body of Christ.
ExitZine Exit is a music-oriented magazine.
HM electronic Bi-monthly magazine covering the Christian hard music scene

Shorts & Verse

Forum for Christian writers to share their poetry and short stories with a message.
The Lighthouse Electronic Magazine Definitive Internet-only Christian music magazine.
The Singing News
Magazine focusing on Southern Gospel Music.

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Alive Magazine Seeks to keep Australians in touch with the truth and excitement of knowing Jesus and to be the choice of those wanting a contemporary spirituality based on a biblical world view
Christian Herald Weekly, interdenominational newspaper based in Sussex, England, which serves the evangelical Christian community in the UK.
Fair Dinkum "The simple, unvarnished Truth" from Australia. A web-only magazine that deals with life, faith, and love.
Koinonia Source of information regarding Christian lifestyles and events, an evangelical outreach to unbelievers and to provide wholesome articles and columns that support the family
Lutheran, The Monthly publication of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America that explores Christian faith on a personal, congregational and worldwide level through stories that educate, inspire and nurture faith.
Wichita Chronicle Christian area news publication that is published weekly on the web. Has current news and web links.

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